Energize Your Home or Business with Efficiency!

Energize Rogue provides local home and business owners with an opportunity to purchase a ductless heat pump system at a discounted rate through a group purchasing program.

In Fall 2017, there will be free, 1-hour community workshops held to educate Jackson, Josephine and Douglas County homeowners and businesses about cost savings associated with ductless heat pumps, incentives and financing, and long-term environmental benefits.

Attendance at one of these workshops is required to qualify for the Energize Rogue group purchase.

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Douglas County:

Jackson and Josephine Counties:

  • All scheduled workshops have passed. Over 410 people attended 7 workshops in the Rogue Valley! 

Learn more about energy efficient ductless heat pumps: Ductless Heat Pumps FAQ

Questions? 541.236.5027 or info@energizerogue.org