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Save Energy. Save Money. Stay Comfortable.

Energize Rogue is a unique, limited time group purchase campaign for homes and businesses in Jackson, Josephine and Douglas Counties to install ductless heat pumps at a discounted rate, and reduce utility bills. Ductless heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home at a lower cost than traditional heating systems.

The nonprofits Rogue Climate and Spark Northwest have teamed up to bring Energize Rogue to our communities, partnering with local installers, energy professionals and volunteers to boost awareness and provide considerable savings opportunities, while helping our region to grow a clean energy economy. This project is made possible by a USDA Rural Business Development Grant.

Energize Rogue is a community-driven campaign involving two volunteer committees in each County, one which selects a local installation contractor through a competitive bidding process, and another that conducts outreach about this opportunity to save energy and money.

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